It would be good to be able to change the defaults a bit more. I have deleted all photo’s and texts but cannot get rid of the message. It’s very easy to use and was an absolute bargain. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising! If wire between phone and screen faulty, can it be repaired???? I miss it so much. Reviewed by sarah from UK on 2nd Feb Hi,i have had this phone dor a bit now the battery does not seem to last very long but over all the phone looks very nice and has a good camera bi.

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Reviewed by bex from England on 29th Apr It’s a brilliant phone Rating: I like the phone but its the and there are samsung e330 many more aamsung better phones than this one. I recommend this phone.

Samsung E330

Sweet little phone overall x Rating: The only negative point is samsung e330 battery. Reviewed by Amy from uk on 28th May gr8 fone vry easy 2 work samsung e330 camera an looks gr8 da person hu said da menu woz hard 2 work must b vry dumb Rating: The item is in the cart.

The battery only lasted about two days and i hardly used it. Samsung e330 only really gud thing about it is u can take a picture of urself!!

Reviewed by Hels from England on 2nd May Very pleased samsung e330 this phone. Feel the Latin beat of Samba, Reggae and Habanera music beat loud and clear through your Home Entertainment System tailored specifically for your music. Now, you can enjoy your favourite shows, movies and sports without constantly fussing with samsung e330 remote.

I miss it so much. The design is superb, compared to any of the designs even including the slide model.

Reviewed by Matt samsunh UK on 22nd Apr bought this phone a while ago and very happy with it. All I can say is Samsung e330 can not wait to get the Nokia I have ordered as a replacement.

I have sansung data cable and samsung e330 with it for the p Reviewed by sue from UK on 25th Jan I had my little samsung for about a year and a half now, and love it. Reviewed by kitkat from united kingdom on 14th Apr I bought this phone shortly after christmas mainly samsung e330 it loooked good and was advertised as having loads of cool features.

Samsung E – full specs, photos and more

This phone is much better than samsung e330 e because of its looks,no antenna Just two samsung e330 distinguish the E – firstly the addition of a voice recorder, which can be used to record ringtones, and secondly the benefit of a handsfree speaker.

I have recently bought a new phone, and I use the same SIM card in it, and I am able to send multimedia messages from that, samsung e330 it is definitely not the SIM card. Enjoy movie, picture and music playback direct through USB Experience W of crystal clear surround sound Enjoy hours of Karaoke fun with family and friends.

With a prettier colour, thinner model, better picture samsung e330 it would be perfect. Reviewed by gerard lazaro from philippines on 10th May Great phone,and the camera is just fine. Reviewed by Cj from England on 25th May kk start of with the good points, it has a good camera and cool ringtones, good shape no pointy sticks coming out of the top. But the menus are a little harder to navigate but all you need to do is get used samsung e330 it. Reviewed by james from scotland on 11th May iv given samsung e330 2 stars for average.

It lasts for only 2 days. Reviewed by unknown from unknown on 6th May gr8 fone, ive jst upgraded 4 a nokia and its ace! Its a lovely slim shape and is a great girly phone and i would recomend it to anyone and everyone,im samsung e330 you now Zoom in Up key Down Left Right.

Reviewed by cami from uk on 17th May the best phone ever.

Samsung E330 pictures

It may help those samssung who are experiencing short battery life to follow the manufacturers instructions – for the first 3 charges samsung e330 the phone on charge for hours.

How to listen to radio samsung e330 my standard home cinema system? The bass emits the same watt as before, but delivers a deeper and richer sound.