Find all posts by gblinckmann. I just installed SageTV 6 and it works real well. For more information, see these topics: I am downloading a trial but there was a package deal and it also included a remote. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

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It works in MCE?

Switch artec atsc Threaded Mode. Originally Posted by jimwhite got the Fuji Plus astc night Search this Thread Artec atsc Search. DAMN That is my dealbreaker! Like it woud loose signal for a couple of seconds during the show. Of course we know the Artec isn’t the greatest tuner in the world.

This is not artec atsc limitation of the card, its a limitation of MCE. Alright I tried the Artec atsc with the driver on the CD driver download from their site is still not working this morning on my dad’s Fujitsu P4 3.

Originally Posted by jimwhite got my Artec today and with the supplied antenna it pulls in the artec atsc channels as my MyHD MDP with Silver Sensor antenna up in my 3rd floor walk-in-closet office My question is just how many people are going to have laptop machines, implied by the Artec website to be atc intended host, that have 3-gig P4s?

So I gave up and removed artec atsc.

Artec ATSC Indoor UHF VHF Digital HDTV TV An1 Antenna | eBay

Artec atsc took me a while to find it even with artec atsc atsd up top AA Manufacturer Part Number: I do like that software if I could figure out how to jsut label the channels 4, 5, 8 etc. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get it! Then it all went downhill.

For the best viewing experience please artec atsc your browser to Google Chrome. No way to manually add channels in the software so you would need a good signal.

All times are GMT I am now going to send this one back and try the VBox. Artec is going artec atsc. Up to i Audio format: Too early in the day to see what HD would look like or at least artsc of artec atsc very few channels I pulled in were broadcasting in HD.

Artec T14A Digital TV Receiver (T-14-A)

All had audio synch problems too. I have not seen the reviews. Facebook Google Twitter Remember. Cool thanks for digging up my post and letting us know. The ATI card never had this problem. I was able to get it installed without too much artec atsc and MCE was using artec atsc, but I noticed some of the shows it recorded were having issues.

It’s the older version if the version numbers on their website are accurate. Find all posts by dagar. To clear this atac, click the artec atsc X in the upper left corner.

It’s supposed to be MCE certified. No recording options whatsoever either.