A fix would be really appreciated rather than having to buy another soundcard. For example, apart from a coaxial output the card has an optical digital one specially for users of MD players. Please help thanks I even made a video — http: Apart from the 4-channel Maya44, Audiotrak offers the Maya 7. January 10th, , 5: When the tools are distributed correctly among virtual ports there is no gritting. I have to address this – we have asked for dual channel playback for years.

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I just set up buffers to and been playing almost an entire long album without problems seems to be that too low maya 44 asio as you said before might do it and luckily the card ins’t sharing any IRQ with anything else gonna go ahead and try some asio apps later on, maya 44 asio for the heads up it looks like this works on PCI, FIREWIRE and USB Inferfaces.

The selector is for the input channels of the Maya. I can’t test that.

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I agree on all of the concerns above. Maya 44 asio somebody can help me out. There were some problems with latency, but they were solved by setting it to samples in the driver panel. For Quizzes I use a small mixer which has two USB inputs, I route Air to Channel 1 and Cue to Channel 2 and then use the crossfade to mix between the main output and the sound effects which I maya 44 asio sent to cue output, works fine for me.

Very good in detail The THD level has fallen down 4 times.


Prognathous Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Last time I tried, it didn’t work – at all. Agreed, but the solutions offered are the best we have as users of Maya 44 asio in its current incarnation.

Display posts from previous: Page 1 of 2. Even more decks would be great maya 44 asio assign a complete mixer setup. Firstly select which timecode engine you want in my case i use Serato CV02 vinyl maya 44 asio A So i select that from the drop down box.

The card itself is of high quality, there is nothing to find fault with. Quinn Bachand’s latest RealTracks recording session!

When maya 44 asio proccess finished and I ‘ve got the same level of asiio index Well, the Maya44 is perfectly prepared for operation in the WinXP. It would maya 44 asio great if every deck and aux player could be set to a specific output. Make sure that keylock or master tempo on the CD player is turned off.

The tracks were played synchronously. If editing a lyric in the edit lyrics event list, the lyric would become blank after editing the lyric.

Notation advancing and scroll-ahead issues after measure It is currently May 30th, Maya 44 asio Piano Roll window has been added! A really nice idea. To my ears, the Creative cards sound just fine and I really like there feature-set and extendibility. As DVDdoug already mentioned, low latency is mainly needed for recording purposes.


Use your CD recording software to burn this to a couple of audio CD’s. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Asip is so virtual dj knows that the record has been stopped. The market of such solutions is growing at a great rate as to the range maya 44 asio products and demand.

My workaround is this – because I am a wedding dj, I can’t remember the last time I played anything in stereo so I just use left channel “AIR”, right channel maya 44 asio – this forces mono playback and I have left and right deck control in my outboard mixer. The Audio Devices section in maya 44 asio Control Panel has received 4 new devices: For playback, bigger samplebuffer is better choice and as it just increases delay time for play to start after play button press, it shouldn’t be harmful