After that you connect this enclosure to another working computer and access your data. I have an HP Pavilion dv4. Proceed on your own risk. Have you had to replace the frame of a lcd, maybe I got something messed up there? Go straight to the Removing the Display Bezel instructions. The image has broken lines and a bit distorted. The screen cracked so I replaced it.

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It could be either bad w350i gateway or motherboard. Thanks for the reply, Repair Man. Also, there are faint horizontal bars about six to eight scrolling up the screen at lower brightness levels.

If it is not working, it doesn not gatewway w350i gateway start working when bumped…and if it is working, jiggling w350i gateway computer or moving the display does not cause any changes in behavior no lines, no blinking, no change in brightness.

Mobiletech – Ricambi e accessori per cellulari

I believe when the drive is working the light is always amber, it never turns green. Maybe this is connection related issue and reconnecting the w350i gateway will fix it. The line pattern persisted. The computer boots normally whether or not the display works. I can see a normal desktop screen through the projector screen when w350i gateway. Do you think the backlight or the inverter or LCD screen is causing this problem?

Maybe the lightning damaged the AC adapter. Could be bad inverter OR bad baclight lamp inside the screen. I let it dry upside down for a day w350i gateway gatewy the battery. When I plug in the monitor, the screen has a pink tint.

Screen inverter board

Could or w350i gateway you be able to give me some idea as to what may have been damaged and if it would be worth repairing. I have a hp pavillion dvea laptop I dropped the laptop and the screen cracked so I replaced the screen with a new one and its very dim I replaced the screen with the cracked screen w350i gateway and w350i gateway also dim should I replace the inverter with a new one and what could hace caused the inverter to go bad static from my fingers while I replaced the screen?

How can I install windows. On some laptops this connector could be w350i gateway under the keyboard bezel.

What gxteway be the problem. I am able to get little flickers of full w350i gateway seconds tops if I close the lid then re-open the lid.

I ordered one new invertor with w350i gateway same part number and replaced it. They have very good laptop disassembly instructions and I use it all the time. Maybe the DVD drive is bad and shorting the whole system somehow.

It depends on w350i gateway laptop model. With gatewag bad cable you can get distortion on the screen but it would not divide the screen into 4 images. Google the part w350ii to make sure what it is. There is w350i gateway chance that one of the memory modules or both of them not seated correctly. Remove the LCD screen, find the model number and google it. You can test the backlight using the method I linked to in the comment I was wondering if this gatewaay also work for the MT Model.

Can see desktop but unable to read letters, very fuzzy and graphics look worse than safe mode. Again, surprise, it worked. If the lid close switch is a regular button, try tapping on the switch, hopefully it will work. Apparently, hardware in your laptop do not operate properly.

Do you have a white sticker w350i gateway to the video cable somewhere close to the connector which plugs into the system board? You can w350i gateway for the whole display assembly LCD screen, inverter, cable, plastic covers, etc… If you can find one, you simply unplug the old display assembly and install a new one.

My w350i gateway just went dark and before It went dark it use to have w350i gateway little flickering. Could this be a inverter or back light problem? I have a Pavilion DV with a problem of the screen going black after random periods of time and not coming back via the mousepad as it does with display timeouts.

Have a wonderful night!

Try replacing the cable. BTW, the image is clear not fuzzy. Even though the concepts and components are similar, the actual w350i gateway of the LCD is difficult. I have to move the screen around normally to correct it. That means the backligth lamp and ivnerter work properly.

Maybe I can figure out how to disconnect those cable if I see the picture. Hi Repair Man, Similar problem to what I have read so far. The w350i gateway board works as a power supply for w350i gateway backlight lamp mounted inside the LCD screen. It powers up and it looks like everything w350i gateway working except the screen is dark.

No backlight at all but the image is still on the screen? Will let you know the reading. I have a HP-Compaq NC in which the screen shows color although with red tint for about seconds, afterward, it turns dark although everything still work, internet, et cetera, all still working. When I start my laptop, for a fraction of second Ill get the light on the screen but after that it will become dark But still everything will display on the screen.

Now, I can use it only connected to the external monitor and only in safe mode. Yep, 16volts sounds normal. A couple of days ago I was w350i gateway around packing and preparing for a business trip, trying to do a half-dozen things at w350i gateway.