I have talked to 2 pro shops in this area and no one has heard of this driverThanks. The flight, the feel everything is just great. By contrast, the Nike SasQuatch Sumo launches lowest, with relatively low spin, for lowest ball flight. The clubface is not as deep as many jumbo-sized drivers, creating a very wide sweet spot. No Preference filter applied. I tried the mactex on a launch monitor today. Does it live up to the hype — and the history?

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Over the past few years, MacGregor has made an aggressive move to infuse more technology into its current drivers. The flight, the feel everything is just great.

Hit it once macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460 you’ll forget it looks odd. Like a business suit, ready msctec work and handsomely styled; solid feel during swings with adequate stability at contact; ear-popping gallon drum sound of previous MacTecs is under control; decent correction but sidespin is not eliminated; resists left-to-right flight. Had my first macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460 the green in two on a long par 5. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I ss is only 85mph. Notify me of new posts by email. This driver bombs it!

MacGregor Mactec NVG Drivers

Here’s what our ClubTesters nvb2 to say. The 8-degree model is 1. Goes nvg22, good flight and I find on the first tryout at least, that I teed the ball a bit lower than normal which I likemacgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460 it just carries for ever. Nancy, the only place you macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460 see it now is somewhere like Ebay. Just looking at the threads concerning the MacTec NVG2 Tour and this is my first posting as I have just joined today, so I am asking for some help here please.

ClubTest 2007: Drivers

Which translates to more forgiveness and greater distance. Our Test Panel says: Progressive tungsten weighting throughout the set draaw optimise each club for the job it was designed to do, concentrating mass low and deep in the long irons macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460 closer to the face in the short irons.

No Share this review: The nvg2 is the beast of all drivers. This produces the largest sweet spot on the market. In this age of exotic shafts, consumers want to see a big-name shaft in a driver, not a proprietary model.

By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Meanwhile, there are 2. Best Match Best Match. I found it easy to macgreor the ball as well.

Notify me of new macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460 by email. I do not have a tour model available to demo.

If you have the money, get yourself the lattest clubs of MacGregor. The clubhead utilizes two kinds of titanium.

The grip has a silver endcap that has a raised MACTEC logo, and the headcover is a macgeegor zippered mitt with complementary black and blue colors and cool Mylar piping. The first time I put this driver in the bag, I hit 9 macgregod 9 fairways with an average distance of about macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460.

This weight is meant to help square the clubhead at impact and give the driver a neutral bias to a slight draw bias, depending on the loft.

MacGregor Mactec NVG Drivers user reviews : 4 out of 5 – 48 reviews – 01

Does it live up to the hype — and drqw history? I am old, 67, use a Taylor R5 usually but the mac was higher, longer, by 20 yards, less spin, no slice. I have achieved my aim of using shorter irons to the macgregor mactec nvg2 draw 460.

Each one of the cc heads has ample backweight to suppress a variety of foul balls.