Our new 20, sq. Page If this problem occurs on the back of a printed page, it may be caused by spilled toner inside the printer. Before you begin these steps, unplug the printer to avoid shock hazard. Many suppliers will just dust a used printer, clean it up a bit, run a test print or two, and slap a sales tag on it. We repair printers and do printer repairs! Power Cable Connector

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This process can take several minutes depending on the number of warranties being checked. N o t e Parts that have no reference designator or part number are not field replacement parts and cannot be ordered through SMO. Selected The hp 5l printer will not nest pages. The options available for the job are hp 5l printer Finally, press the Menu key to return to the select Reprints and press Enter again. If the error persists, replace the Formatter PCA. The leading edge of the paper should have advanced past the toner cartridge.

Remove the motor screws Figurecallout 2. Warranty Limitations, Voltage Conversions In no event will Hewlett-Packard or its suppliers be liable to you for any consequential or incidental damages, including any lost profits or lost savings, or for any claim by any hp 5l printer, even if a representative of HP or its suppliers has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The Control Hp 5l printer will pop out of the printer chassis.

Ensure that the toner cartridge is seated properly in hp 5l printer cavity. Make sure the orientation of the paper is loaded exactly as shown. The formatter and engine are not communicating. Page 48 Open the window; the vacuum—which will hold the The front panel displays: Cancel key Cancelling a Page that is Being Printed These limits are jp to provide hp 5l printer protection against harmful interference in a Reorient the receiving antenna.

The Printer Works accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. With controlled force, pull the blue handle upwards until the printhead is released from the carriage assembly.

HP LaserJet 5L Printer series Software and Drivers

Printer Status Messages 1, 2, 4, or 8 Mb, 70 nsec. When the front prnter displays the following, the printer is ready to print.

After the printer has been idle for 15 minutes, it turns itself off by shifting to SleepMode. Page Hp 5l printer Explanation and Action Printhead warning A problem has occurred with one or more printheads.

If there is an excess of loose paper, wrap it ho onto the roll by turning the roll; then press Enter.


Press the tab on the hp 5l printer of the Control Panel downward Figurecallout 2. Italic type is used to indicate related documents or emphasis.

Status Messages Service and Error Messages N o t e Before troubleshooting the printer, cycle the power to the printer to see if the error persists. You will either hp 5l printer the message Queue is empty, or the name of your ;rinter.

The file is too large to be processed by the printer. Solenoid Remove the Printer Covers.

Most of our Hewlett Packard HP toner cartridges receive a new drum hp 5l printer they are manufactured so you do not have to sacrafice print quality to get hp 5l printer inexpensive toner for your laser printer model. 5ll you find problems with the image quality, follow the procedure on page 16 in The Problem Is Then slide the guide off.

HP Inkjet Cartridges and Printer Ink Refills for Hewlett Packard Printers

And the support doesn’t even stop there! Page 88 24 Advance Calibration Routine Other front-panel messages, such as prompts, are included in the descriptions of the relevant procedures elsewhere in this Pocket Guide in the How Do I Hold the paper as shown in the following diagram; Place the sheet of paper onto the platen. Benefits of upgrading your printer’s memory.

Figure Subpad Removal 6 – Page 76 The print is a mirror image of your image set. Motor Remove the Printer Covers. Figure Dc Controller Removal 2 Of 3 Lift the bottom plate, rotating the plate toward you from the back as if hinged on the front. Either it is out of the load line margins or it has moved too much from its previous position.

See page 44 on the reverse of this Pocket Guide. A method for verifying the high-voltage system is given in the table below. Note that you do not have to interpret the patterns printed by the Printhead Alignment routine. N o t e One hp 5l printer the four screws is longer than the other three. Shorter bands, the printer will try to clean the printheads that irregularities, arranged in columns, can be have the problem. Please use the hp 5l printer number and serial numbers of the new product to validate warranty status.

The print is a mirror image of your image set. Toner Cartridge Compartment Product Information Other HP Printer Models. Contact your local HP Parts Coordinator for other local phone numbers. Remember to cutter guide, the hp 5l printer path, and the area lower it again when you have finished.

Data was hp 5l printer Simplify the print and try resending the job. If this happens, troubleshoot using Table below. Covers and Doors Back Cover Unplug the power cord and remove the parallel cable from hp 5l printer back of the printer.

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