My “Ready” light is on, but the printer is not printing. The firmware switches have been set at the factory in conformity to the communications standards and modes of each country. Tell me something more than it didn’t work!!! Then, lift up the gear side of the Roller holder ASSY to the direction of the arrow 2b and pull it out to the direction of the arrow 2c to remove. I Banding Phenomenon Banding line appears in the horizontal direction as shown in print sample [12] of Fig. Fax Machine Brother mfccn Service Manual 13 pages.

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No Feeding Step Cause If you failed to install and virus checker was running, displace it. I followed these steps and now my printer is stuck in maintenance mode!

Just a quick note for anyone that is wanting to refill their own cartridge. Thank you so much!

Page 7 Important A shielded interface cable should be used to ensure compliance with the limits for a Class B brother bhl2 maintenance printer device. The control panel does not work. This manual consists of the following chapters That should remedy that situation. Thanks for this step by step guidelines. Portrait Physical page Printable area Logical page Brother bhl2 maintenance printer page length Maximum logical page length Distance kaintenance edge of physical page to edge of logical page Note: Obtained compensation data ineffective 0 0 1: Transfer roller sensor No transfer roller detected.

Professional Menu Professional Menu The main jaintenance of the professional menu is to customize the printer function which is opened to the users as per request.

Brother HL-2270DW thinks it’s out of toner

Number of pages printed with the current black color toner OPC belt cartridge Fig. Are you having a computer issue? I tried to print but the toner light brother bhl2 maintenance printer on again. Page malntenance Remove the Gear 17 black. Page 3 Remove the Arm of the Back cover from the Pin. Upsets me that the toner indicator came on when there’s obviously still plenty of toner left in the cartridge.

Brother MFC-9420CN Service Manual

Operating Procedure brother bhl2 maintenance printer Press the 3 and 2 keys in this order in the initial brother bhl2 maintenance printer of the maintenance mode. Once this installation procedure is carried out for the PC, no more driver installation will be required for that PC to identify machines. It includes information required for troubleshooting and service–disassembly, reassembly, and lubrication–so that service personnel will be able to understand equipment function, repair the equipment in a timely manner and order spare parts as necessary.

I will share this newly found knowledge with anyone else naintenance needs it. Soooooo thank prinfer very much!!!! I assumed I could just copy or scan on this machine, but alas, I see now, I think, that I can not do that. Printer controller acts as a slave to video controller. Operating Procedure Do not start this function merely after powering on the brother bhl2 maintenance printer but start it after carrying out a sequence of scanning operation.

The toner light will still blink. Doing this may cause a fire or electrical shock. This is where resetting and refilling come in.


LEDs are as follows when changing the setting. Hope you can help. What does it mean? Page Black Line Phenomenon Fine black line appears in the printed image as shown in print sample [9] of Fig.