Seeing a log from the app would help see the answers page on how to send a log. Everiting I do i coudn’t recive data. Every other option keeps all the information in the original file But again, I need to see a log to say anything useful I have the new garmin ant stick the really small one. Thanks and great effort in developing the app. Tracks may take up space and time, preventing sucessful transfer of activities.

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Tried deleting some activities in the watch, no help. Merci de vos reponse a venir.

Comparatif cardios-GPS : Garmin, Suunto, Polar : à vous de choisir

I just purchased the garmin ant usb-m stick figuring it would be fine and sure enough it worked. Every other option keeps all the information in the original file I’ve purchased the app anyway since I appreciate the time that you’ve obviously put into developing it and since most garmin ant usb-m stick the workouts are uploaded I will definitely use it.

I will be happy to send you a “working log” when I get something up and running. Thanks and regards Christian.

Garmin–Potential issues with new Version 3 USB Mini Ant stick – Highly Tuned Athletes

Please get in touch through the contact form because it’s a feature intended for internal use only, and can mess up things, garmin ant usb-m stick I’d like it to stay private: We had garmin ant usb-m stick problem with ‘TZ. You can, of course, trim the files periodically, as many people do. Everything looks fine – it was just a short test in my house so I couldn’t really compare stats, but the map looked just like the one on the app.

See the answers page above on how to generate one – again: I have read and tried your smart phone suggestion but I just get “receiving data” and then a few minutes later a fail. You won’t be using the “send course” button in garmin connect; you’ll just download a file and send it to the garmin. Send me a log, it may help.

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Thanks for constantly improving it. You have a great app here that has really helped thousands of us who use Garmin ant usb-m stick devices and slightly older Garmin hardware. Connection error every time. The app definitely works with the s4 and the fr So if you experience problems, the first thing you should do is turn off the GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, data connection on your phone.

I restarted the app garmin ant usb-m stick that it wouldn’t send a giant 20 min long pairing attempt, there was never anything else on the logs garmin ant usb-m stick the last two lines repeated.

The driver software will automatically install and allow the stick to be detected for the Garmin ANT Agent software. Sportablet if you’re using a 10″ tablet, the Uploader for Garmin if you have a smaller tablet or a smartphone. Vous pouvez aussi lui attribuer une note Thanks in advance for your support.

I think garmin ant usb-m stick my usb to micro usb adapter, so i have ordered a usb gender changer. The only swim-specific setting is stidk in the corresponding tutorial http: Pour le reste je teste encore.

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Garmin ant usb-m stick the start of Uploader the messages appear: The app will read your activities from the watch, and will allow you to post to garmin connect from inside the app. Just to thank you a lot for this incredible application. Will it still work as purchased? Create a free website Powered by.