Auser, Have you check LCD screen brightness settings? Picture 8 This is a critical step Once you separate the layers the dust is your enemy more than ever. Seriously, this was a pretty complicated hardware job. What is important is to cut it to the same length as the old CCFL so it fits inside the holder in case you solder it yourself. Bend the frame carefully outwards to release the light layers ears. And it actually worked.

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Only do this if you think you will enjoy the learning experience. Larry Holmes June 5, What is your oppinion? I think it some cases you packard bell easynote e6310 to disassemble the whole thing.

I replaced the ccfl on the lcd panel for dell m. It will get hot but not like a car lamp. I had to open the sides some.

Phil November 12, Hello, I try to describe my problem in English. Last picture You should definitely packard bell easynote e6310 pcakard test the LCD before starting the assembly. Can you test the board outside the laptop case? This is a very difficult procedure. Is it a copper tape or a normal tape? The glue stayed at the pcb in my case and there are two such strips at the bottom end.

Gave me the confidence to replace the bulb and inverter. Rey January 28, When I had everything apart, I found out packard bell easynote e6310 the problem was a broken soldering point at the e3610 lamp.

At least I thought the slightly pinched reflector was the problem. Mohd Nayeem March 12, UTAH June 9, Looks like pretty common symptoms. And in addition, I dont trust any technician these days…. The external monitor works good too, before and after the screen packard bell easynote e6310. I went through the process of taking apart the laptop case for the screen area, replacing the rectifier for 15 USD no changelearning how to take apart the screen enough to get the CCFL and its metal channel out, got a new CCFL for 20 USD, heat shrink tubing for 3 USD, and finally soldered, reinsulated and fitted the stuff bakc together.

I have tried packard bell easynote e6310 the LCD still got the dark screen and went ahead replaced inverter itself and the inverter with the cables, still have the dark screen. I have this lab top, kind of old one but very packard bell easynote e6310 one. Make note how this layer is laying against the CCFL in the bottom end and surrounded of the metallic reflector.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL) | Laptop Repair

Get a new one or a known working one and put it in. Buying a small roll is advised, but not necessary. I succeeded after few trial and errors and it took me one full weekend. I try to get mine with the pink and black cables already soldered on, sometimes I have to take one from a cracked Packard bell easynote e6310 that has a working backlight.

What actually results in light leakage from the sides, i. I quickly reconnected it and then removed the battery. The reflector is attached to a 2 mm thick glass sheet and the light travels through that sheet. I packard bell easynote e6310 finished the repair and are writing this note from my repaired laptop.

packard bell easynote e6310 And I have to say it was very difficult. Make photos and sketches of each step when you took something apart. Do you think that my problem is the backlight lamp? The laptop is a Gateway GP.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

No, you cannot test output voltage with a voltmeter. I have no image.

Just tested the magnetic switch with a magnet — it goes into hibernation fine but still restarts with easyjote screen, so belp its not the switch, inverter or backlight is my board screwed?

If you not sure which one is causing the problem, the inverter board or backlight packard bell easynote e6310, go with the inverter replacement first. Picture 6 I agree. It appears to me that the real control is in the inverter and the ccfl just puts off light from the voltage produced.

Still, I have packard bell easynote e6310 same problem. Sorry, there is nothing I can do to help you. The screen lights up, so the screen surgery was successful. We can see the light visible still it is dark how to rectify the problem. I guess it has some protection function or just for centering the tube so I transferred it to the new CCFL but now I have a brighter spot there. Thanks for all the info.