Now my computer will begin to start up, but only the power light stays on. Now when I push the switch to the right ON the green light will not light up and I receive no wireless signal anymore. Install new heat sink assembly. I can put that in. Any help or guidence as to which component might be causing it would be most welcome.

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Thank you for your wonderfully helpful tutorial!

I have got PCG-KS, I do not know, what is going sohy, but my power adapter is out of order, I have replaced it with new one, but after I tried to start it up, no effect, just power led light flashed. As soon as initial Knoppix logo appears sony vaio pcg-k115s the screen press F3 and at boot: Make memory modules are installed correctly. However when i try to run on AC, The laptop will turn on and run but will randomly shut off. If so pcg-k115e where can I order a replacement and can you sony vaio pcg-k115s how to replace on the laptop?

Your pictures, diagrams, and explanation are very helpful.

By the way, maybe you can put something under the hard drive, for example a piece of pen eraser, so the hard drive is lifted a little bit and the connector makes a good contact with the motherboard.

I reseated the new CPU several times. Mike Cooley, If the laptop just stopped working completely no power sony vaio pcg-k115s, no LED light, no activity at all, sony vaio pcg-k115sthe first thing would be to test the AC adapter.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Make sure the CPU and memory module are properly connected to the motherboard, reconnect them just in case and sony vaio pcg-k115s the laptop again. But in real life, you just cut off the melted tip and solder a new tip if you can find one. Now when Sony vaio pcg-k115s push the switch to the right ON the green light will not light up and I receive no wireless signal anymore.

Please help thanks in advance…. Jay, Is it easy to unsolder the old DC Jack from the wire harness?

W e can really sony vaio pcg-k115s You to teach Your equipment to work properly And after playing with many boot options, I find a solution. I created an Acer backup recovery disc, forgot to label it and realised I had placed it in the Sony vaio CD rom by vio.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Came up with an error and pc shut down. Make sure the laptop detects memory in each slot.

Gus, Cpg-k115s — actually I need the flat ribbon cable connecting the power button board with the motherboard. Could I have sony vaio pcg-k115s the cable or the lcd inverter? I am optimistic that you might be able to help me.

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Be very careful removing the heatsink because most sony vaio pcg-k115s the CPU will come out attached to the heatsink. My compliments for the disassemble guide! If still no light, apparently you have a bad wireless card. Gave it a good blow out and clean but now it is back together again now i have found that on startup i get a continuous beeping and lots of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; continuously typed automatically?

I used a straight edge blade type you shave with sony vaio pcg-k115s positioned it between sink and cpu sonyy and gently taped it with vio of screw driver.

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I ordered a keyboard and did a search. If you remove the keyboard bezel and disconnected it from the motherboard, as it shown on the pictures 3 and 4, make sure the cable is sony vaio pcg-k115s connected to the motherboard.

I guess you can downgrade the BIOS version if the older one is available for downloads. Lex, check carefully every single screw has been removed, there is one in the middle which is quite deep and cannot be seen which has to be removed, as well as all around the sides and sony vaio pcg-k115s near the bottom left.

Do you see sony vaio pcg-k115s lines on the external image? Also we cannot seem to remove the dvd. Hi, I took out and cleaned my fan assy.