TEM, you can try sparepartswarehouse. I assume you are using the laptop on a flat surface and air intakes on the bottom are not blocked, right? I would prefer not to take a chance on breaking something or a part that is in all probability unavailable. I have had a couple PCG-K33 where the battery charge lights flashes but no charging takes place. Try reinstalling Wi-Fi card driver. Before I ever took the laptop apart, the screen worked fine. Instead of unsoldering the wire to the jack…I just ripped it out of the old jack.

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Is such a repair possible separate from the presumably much mashita expensive screen itself on this particular model? I typed my password anyway, but nothing.

Has anybody else experienced a similar problem? Matshia memory matshita uj-820d are installed correctly. You can remove matshita uj-820d from this news email list at any time. I have bought a battery power board. Matshita uj-820d this should charge a When I reattached the keyboard, the same problem continued and I ordered a new keyboard.

Usually the laptop starts OK and then shuts down after a few minutes and very occaisionally will stay on for a few hous before shutting down-when this happens the fan stops and the power light goes out. Make sure the laptop detects memory in each slot. In this mode everything loads as matshita uj-820d except the video driver. I will go after a replacement LCD in my country. I did the remove batteryhold down on-off button 30 second trick over and over.

Unplug both wireless card antenna cables from the wireless card. Just remember which screws are which matshita uj-820d where they go back lol.

ミュージックCDデザイナー3 アップデートキット-サポート-メガソフト株式会社

Your description has more disassembly. Anyone have any help or additional input would be great. I assume you are using the laptop on a flat surface and air intakes on the bottom are not blocked, right? It seemed like all was OK.

Nero Info Tool, Version matshita uj-820d. Marshita, probably in VGA mode screen is ok and quickly the screen go matshita uj-820d.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

I will be taking apart a k tomorrow to replace the power jack. Thanks so much for this page, and the advice! It seemed as if I could have avoided this step. Something is not seated right or maybe a matshita uj-820d is not making good connection. Does it happen when the AC matshitq is unplugged and the laptop runs on matshita uj-820d battery power? The computer has gotten very slow …. I downloaded a driver from a Sony site, and after saving, installed it. This technique is very powerful but it takes a lot of matshita uj-820d.

Once in windows I disabled the slot in device manager and it seemed to work OK — obviously the slot does not work. I currently have 2 x mb memory sticks in my pcg-k and want to upgrade to 1gig.

I may be misunderstanding something, but on my laptop, the cpu socket is attached to the motherboard. I cannot matshita uj-820d you a good advice without looking matshita uj-820d the laptop myself.

Make sure everything is corrected correctly. Thanks for all your valuables suggestions in advance. Now it still doesnt power on…They wall charger is green and matshita uj-820d when I go to plug it into the computer it makes a wierd noise and the charger light goes off black then if I unplug the charger from the lap top it turns back to matshita uj-820d on the wall charger. Make sure the CPU and memory module are properly connected to the motherboard, reconnect them just in case matshita uj-820d test the laptop again.

I did somes tests with somes live-CD. Sometimes when I switch on the the fan starts and then I hear the disc start and then the disc stops but the fan keeps going. First, matshita uj-820d the problem as I mention it in my previous comment.

matshita uj-820d My computer worked fine before I did this, but when I put it back together, I had the same problem as described above where matshita uj-820d the power button is pushed, the power light blinks for one sec and then nothing.

I tried matshita uj-820d method but the DVD drive does not budge. It will charge the battery up and the laptop will work for about 20 to 25 minutes roughly on battery and will not shut off.