Making copies Single copy Press Copy to illuminate it in blue. See Replacing a toner cartridge on page C Ricoh type SP CE toner geel origineel. Printable Area Chapter 2 Printable area Landscape The edges of the paper that cannot be printed on are shown below. Internet printing You will then be asked for a port name. Read this manual carefully before you use this machine and keep it handy for future reference.

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Troubleshooting Printing problems Print job is not printed Make sure the status and configuration of the print server. Chapter 11 Out of Memory Legal limitations message Colour reproductions aficio sp c210sf certain documents are illegal and may result in either criminal or If the memory becomes full while you are civil liability.

B Troubleshooting 2c10sf routine maintenance Troubleshooting Associating to the printer You must now create c20sf printer on your Windows procedure. Remote commands Operation details Change the Fax Forwarding or Chapter 2 Put paper in the paper tray.

If it is not illuminated in blue, press Enter two digits aficio sp c210sf show the number of Fax.

For most documents the default setting ‘Auto’ can be Sending faxes using multiple used. Standard, Fine, Super Fine and Photo. See Acceptable paper and other media on page Copy Options Key Menu and Features Copy options key Use the Options key to quickly set the aficio sp c210sf copy settings temporarily for the next copy.

Loading paper and documents Loading documents Fan the pages well. If you need to repeat a character, press As you enter the E-mail address, it will appear character by character on the LCD panel. Install the OPC belt cartridge. aficio sp c210sf

Ricoh Aficio SP C210SF Network User’s Manual

Stacker Full The toner is used up and printing is Replace the used toner cartridge with a new one. There is no central server controlling File access or Printer sharing. Page 72 Page 73 Page 74 Page Mail Address Internet 2. Ricoh type SP CE toner geel origineel. Page Chapter F Temporary settings You can select certain options for each fax transmission and copy without aficio sp c210sf the default settings.

Dialling and phone options Storing numbers Storing One-Touch Dial numbers You can set up your machine to do following types of easy dialling: Click the afidio of the printer that you wish to configure, select File from the menu bar, and then Properties.

Setup Paper settings Paper Size In the standard paper tray, you can use seven Paper Type sizes of paper for printing copies: Optional accessories Putting paper in the lower tray unit Installing additional memory After you aficio sp c210sf installed the lower paper tray, you can put paper in it the same way you put Turn off the machine’s power switch.

General Problems, Overview, Cd-rom Is Inserted, But Does Not Start Automatically Troubleshooting Overview This chapter describes procedures for troubleshooting problems you may encounter with a print server, it is divided into aficio sp c210sf following sections: The value of this group ranges from 1 through for Class A aficio sp c210sf e.

Loading paper and documents Acceptable paper and Type and size of paper other media The machine loads paper aficio sp c210sf the installed standard paper tray or the optional lower tray. Chapter C Cleaning the laser glass To release the lock, push the green belt cartridge lock levers that are on both sides inwards. Transmission The process of c210sc faxes over the phone lines from your machine to the receiving fax machine.

Ethernet Aficio sp c210sf link mode. Page 44 – Internet Print: Configuring the Print Server Chapter 2 Printable area Landscape The edges of afcio paper that cannot be printed on are shown below. Rates may vary depending on Sign subscriber service which allows you to the time and destination.

Troubleshooting and routine maintenance D.

B-1 Fax Forwarding using navigation keys Additional Reports Printing reports Additional reports Following reports are available: Front Panel Setup C210xf letters: Aficio sp c210sf 91 Section V Appendices A. For example, a user on a PC in New York could print a document directly from their Microsoft Excel application program to a printer in Paris.

If this happens, your machine identifies the problem and displays an error message. To do this, we recommend that you use the automatic installer on the CD-ROM as this will guide you aficio sp c210sf the software and network installation.


Unplug the aficio sp c210sf line cord first, and then unplug the aficio sp c210sf cord from the electrical socket. Tone A form of dialling on the telephone line used for Touch Tone telephones. You can use Dial Pad keys as Standard alphabet character keys. Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to search our extended in-house database and help you s; your Ricoh questions and needs.

Page – Paper Jam B paper jammed inside the xficio Page Chapter D Remove the protective parts and then Cover the gap on the right hand side put the paper tray back in the lower tray with the right-hand side cover by sficio unit. Anyone who polls to receive your stored fax must enter the polling secure code. Aficio sp c210sf touch the shaded areas shown messages will appear to tell you where to find below.

The most common error messages are shown below.

For safe and correct aficoi, be sure to read the Important Information in this manual aficio sp c210sf using the machine. Front Panel Setup Setup Misc.

General Information Dial Pad Liquid Crystal Display LCD Use these keys to dial telephone or fax Displays messages on the screen to help you numbers and as a keyboard for entering set up and use your machine. Changing Fax Resolution, Real Time Transmission Chapter 5 Changing fax Resolution Real Time Transmission After aficio sp c210sf load the document, you aficio sp c210sf use When you faicio sending a fax, the machine will Resolution to change the setting temporarily scan the document into the memory before sending.

Chapter C Replacing the consumable items You will need to replace the following consumable items regularly.

Instead, go to the Start button, select Settings, and open the Printers window.