Then configure your SATA on to what you hooked up on your motherboard. What about trying a boot disc or your operating disc to do a repair? This Jack stands 1. I have same problem as Blink and I reseated in both connection and still black screen. Just unplugged my mouse and keyboard, and took my cd drive out, and it worked again. But enter will, so the keyboard is working.

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If the problem still there, I guess you should try replacing the video cable. From the beginning, Toshiba satellite l655-s5096 tried everything listed and come to find out it was loose memory toshiba satellite l655-s5096 a previous repair by a sxtellite technician.

I have restored all system defaults and still cannot get away from the flashing cursor. So my feeble attempts at fixing were actually bad! If I type anyway and push enter it says I have tried 7 nor more times, then says system has halted and must be shut down. Hi Mick Some stuff is made for later versions of Windows.

If you cannot get the data off your hard drive then you will know there is a problem with that. Now the new partition was new viewable by Acronis True Image. Satwllite from the Windows 7 toshiba satellite l655-s5096 system disc. What about trying a boot disc or your operating disc to do a repair?

Sometimes the admin password is nothing so you just press enter at that stage. I saw that dreaded black screen with toshiba satellite l655-s5096 blinking cursor and my heart sank. I was told it was probably inverter but I found this site and checked this connection before buying the part and works perfectly now.

Can someone tell what can satdllite causing this problem. I have a lot of toshiba satellite l655-s5096 and files in my documents that I do not want to lose. Apparently, something was preventing my Windows Xp from properly booting. I went into my BIOS and loaded all of the defaults.

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Have you toshiba satellite l655-s5096 other Sata cables or whatever you have? It saved me from buying a new laptop!!! My computer was trying to boot from the stupid flash card we put in printer the other day! I just wanted to say the same exact thing happened to my toshiba satellite l655-s5096 Inspiron laptop not too long ago. Can you try another keyboard?

Toshiba satellite l655-s5096 set it to boot straight to the hard drive and see what happens…. I watellite tried the boot order as per your comments but no luck. More options when dealing with a pc blank screen: Congratulations to you and your website!

Maybe it got loose. Satelllite the disc I first tried the system toshiba satellite l655-s5096 step. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday after putting in updates on windows…. Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the computer. Hello, I am Jackel and i have a problem… My computer turns on and goes straight to the black screen with blinking underscore… it does not give toshiba satellite l655-s5096 for bios or anything… ive done lots of things to see if any would work… and nothing helps… email me any advice that might help solve this problem plz.

Esc key method If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicator, disconnect it. I removed all the optical drives, ram, wireless card and battery then toshiba satellite l655-s5096 one at a time and still a no go.

Misteriously after everything work fine ———————————- everything happens again!

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Thank you for this!!! At night toshoba bed he would just close the toshiba satellite l655-s5096 and in the morning and it would be on the same screen he was looking at the previous night.

When remove hard disk,dvd can boot.