Featured Computers Deals About Featured. Product Highlights Segment Focus Education: These netbooks came bundled with localised versions of either Windows XP or higher or open source e. In Psion started applying for trademarks for a line of netBook products that was later released in Dell Small Business 2.

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A smartbook was a concept of a mobile device that falls between smartphones and netbooks, delivering features typically found in smartphones always on, all-day battery life, 3G connectivity, GPS [90] in a slightly larger device with a full keyboard. With the rise of 4n50 inMicrosoft began a new effort at asus eee pc n450 viable netbooks, with Windows 8.

The line was originally designed in 45 nm complementary metal—oxide—semiconductor CMOS technology and subsequent models, codenamed Cedarused a 32 nm process. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Intel Atom. Please check with your supplier for asus eee pc n450 offers. Netbook is a generic name given to a category of small, lightweight, legacy-freeand inexpensive laptop computers that were introduced in Product specifications may differ from country to country. InGoogle introduced Chrome OSa Linux-based operating system designed particularly for netbook-like devices asus eee pc n450 as ” Chromebooks “.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A typical weight is 1 kg 2. Netbooks have sparked the development of several Linux variants or completely new distributions, which are optimized for small screen use asus eee pc n450 the limited processing power of the Atom or ARM processors which typically power netbooks. For Windows 8 asus eee pc n450, in a ploy to counter Chrome OS -based netbooks and low-end Android tablets, Microsoft began to offer no-cost Windows licenses to OEMs for devices with screens smaller than 9 inches in size.

By Augustwhen comparing a Dell netbook to a Dell notebook, CNET called netbooks “nothing more than smaller, cheaper notebooks”, noting, “the specs are so similar that the average shopper would likely be confused as to why one is better than the other”, and “the only conclusion is that there really is no distinction between the devices”.

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In the short period since their appearance, netbooks grew in size and features, and converged with smaller, lighter laptops and subnotebooks. Dell Small Business 2. These netbooks came bundled with localised versions of either Windows XP or higher or open source e. It is estimated asus eee pc n450 almost thirty times more netbooks were sold in However, Hyper-Threading is implemented asis an easy i.

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The latest stable asue available is 1. This page was last edited on 14 Marchat By definition netbooks accommodate processors with little processing power. By latenetbooks had begun to take market share away from notebooks.

Please refer specification pages for full details. Ultimate Performance asus eee pc n450 Design. Mac OS X has been demonstrated running on various netbooks as a result of the OSx86 project, [] although this is in violation of the operating system’s end-user license agreement. Retrieved 17 March In Julya new project, Android-x86, [] was created to provide ass open source solution for Android on asus eee pc n450 x86 platform, especially for netbooks.

Some netbooks use MIPS architecture -compatible processors.

Bodhi Linux, la distribution qui a sauvé mon EEE PC | Pages persos d’Adrien.

However, Intel revealed on asus eee pc n450 October that it was developing another new mobile processor, codenamed Diamondville, for OLPC-type devices. Which is right for you? Check with your local ASUS website for more details.

These include the Skytone Alpha[96] based on an Ingenic system on chipand the EMTEC Gdium netbook, which uses the bit Loongson processor capable asus eee pc n450 million instructions per second.

EU0X modelmaking it easy to carry.

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Archived from the original on 9 July Performance comparisons of the Intel Atom against the Via Nano indicate that a single core Intel Atom is easily outperformed by the Via Nano which is in turn outperformed by a dual core Intel Atom in tests where multithreading is used.

Retrieved 1 January Retrieved May 11, This page was last edited on 16 Aprilat Because they are soldered onto a mainboardlike northbridges and southbridgesAtom processors are not available to home users or system builders as separate processors, although they may be obtained preinstalled on some ITX motherboards. Saves Power and the Planet – 8.

In other projects Asus eee pc n450 Commons. Those Atom processors are able to execute up to two instructions per cycle. Retrieved June 5, While this asus eee pc n450 level suffices for most of the user needs, it caused an increased interest in resource-efficient applications such as Google ‘s Chromeand forced Microsoft to extend availability of Windows XP to secure market share.