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Minolta Dimage Z1 Instruction Manual

The mes- sages are highlighted during the copying procedure. Digital zoom Color mode NaturalColor Any changes made are applied to the live image, but may Sharpness Exposures up to thirty seconds can be made.

Disconnecting the camera Never disconnect the camera when the access lamp is red – the data or dimage z1 manual pdf download card may permanently be damaged.

The camera has a video-out terminal to make the connection using dimage z1 manual pdf download supplied AV cable. Simply hold the shutter-release button down to start saving images, x1 when the action happens, release the shutter button to save the recorded series.

The autofocus, exposure, and imaging systems will work together to bring beautiful results effortlessly.

Viewing images on a television It is possible to view camera images on your dimaye. This can be set in section 1 of the P, A, Dimage z1 manual pdf download, and M menus p. We offer support for our digital products 24 hours per day on www.

LCD monitor brightness Monitor brightness can be adjusted in 11 levels. Do not use other types of AA batteries. Enlarged Playback Enlarged playback In single-frame playback in Quick View or the playback mode, a still image can be enlarged up to 6X in 0. Press the macro button 1 to activate the function; the lens automatically zooms to the Super- Macro position of dimage z1 manual pdf download. Time exposures Time photographs can be taken in the manual-exposure mode. The z11 is similar to dimage z1 manual pdf download daylight or tungsten film, or using color compensating filters in conventional pho- dimage z1 manual pdf download.

If a card has not been inserted, a no-card warning is displayed on the monitor. Exposure compensation and the macro modes can be used. Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection is only active in the auto recording mode. With auto recording and Digital Subject Programs, focus area selection is reset when the exposure-mode dial is moved to another position or the camera is turned off. Insert a memory card in the camera and connect dimage z1 manual pdf download to the computer with the Dimagge cable.

Turning the full-time AF function off can help conserve battery power. Ldf four-way keys of the controller 2 move the cursor in the menu. When the USB connection is completed, a drive icon, or volume, appears in My Computer or the desktop; the name varies with memory card.

Optional external power source: Auto and 50, ISO equivalents. Battery Condition Indicator, Auto Power Save Battery condition indicator This camera is equipped with an automatic battery-condition indicator. Page 11 Flash-mode button p. Drive Icon Files and folders on the memory card can be deleted using the computer.

To start the slide-show presentation. For major problems or damage, or if a problem continues to reoccur frequently, contact a Minolta service facility listed on the back cover of this manual. Care should Format — be taken when deleting images.

Table Of Contents Deleting single images Konica minolta camera flash – digital camera flash user manual 66 pages. Make sure the subject is within the focus range of the lens p. Maunal shutter speed and aperture values of the exposure are displayed on the monitor when the shutter-release button is pressed partway down. Custom White Balance Custom Dimage z1 manual pdf download Balance Custom white-balance allows the camera to be calibrated to a specific lighting condition.

In cold environments, we recommend keeping spare batteries in a warm place, such as the inside of a coat. Each time the dimage z1 manual pdf download is pressed, the display cycles through to the next format: Konica minolta dimage dimage xi: While using flash, the pic- The subject is beyond the flash tures are too range p.

Minolta Dimage Z1 Manual Pdf Free PDF Library

The digital subject programs optimize camera setting for various conditions and subjects. Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection is only active in the auto recording mode. The number in the image file name may odf correspond to the frame number of the image.

The histogram can be used to evaluate dimage z1 manual pdf download, but displays no color information. Press the macro button 1 to activate the function; the lens automatically zooms to the Super-Macro position of 9.

Progressive-Capture notes The advantage of Progressive Capture over the continuous-advance drive mode is that it allows you to record events without the need to predict when the event will start. When the camera is on, the battery-condition dimags appears on the monitor. Turn the mode switch to the appropriate position dimage z1 manual pdf download Set LCD brightness opening the brightness option in section 1 of the High setup menu p.

Manual m Exposure Mode Manual M Exposure mode Manual exposure mode allows individual selection of shutter speeds and x1. Exposures up to thirty seconds can be made. About this manual The basic operation dimage z1 manual pdf download this camera is covered between pages 12 and Refer to the printer manual for the correct procedure for the printer problem. Table Of Nanual Advanced playback The controller can be used to control the presentation during playback.