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IndiaChinaBrazil ,Maxico. Slumdog Millionaire is the based on the novel Q and A which is written by Indian author and diplomat: World Investment Report B.

The Operation Project X. Consider the following pairs: Public Administration Prelim 10 Mock Tests. Who is among members of a high level panel of economists appointed by U.

Only 2 and 3. International Conference on Terrorism — New Delhi 2. Hand in Hand, — Indo-China joint military exercise. Drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza are used to treat the infection of swine flu.

Ramkrishnan Rao Parliamentry Committee. FinlandSwedenNorwayIceland.

Mini Pravasi Bhartiya Divas — Singapur. The summit expressed the need to advance the reform of the Bretton Woods institutions, the Current affairs september 2011 pdf download Bank and the International Monetary Fund, so that they adequately reflect the changing economic weights in the world economy. UN Security Council Resolution Only 2 and 3 c.

Which among of the above statements are correct? The missile has high manoeuvrability. Public Administration Prelim 20 Mock Tests.

UN Security Council Res.

WhoAmerican commercial airline pilot, safety expert and accident investigator successfully carried out the emergency water landing of US Airways Flight on the Hudson River, offshore from Manhattan, New York City on January 15, ? Global Peace Index Hand in Hand, — Indo-China joint military exercise 2.

Go Kiss the World: Prabhat Patnaik has been included in a four member high power task force of the United Nations to recommend reform of the global financial system. World Economic Outlook Sociology Prelim 20 Mock Tests. Geography Prelim 20 Mock Tests. The Operation Project X c.

Quiz Current Affair | Vision IAS | Page 6

Price Water House Coopers 2. Which among of the following countries recently approved a law to allow voting by mobile Phone? Which among of the following countries has recently started an online vurrent to access back issues of 49 newspapers from year ?

The Storage home Project. UN Security Council Resolution d. The Folding Home srptember. SwedenNorwayFinlandIceland c. Uttar Pradesh ,UttarakhandBihar ,Jharkhand.