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This is on the side where they clients share the resources between several users. What are the jobs performed by servlets? It disassembles compiled java files. Explain the difference between Association, Aggregation and Inheritance relationships.

Why a dead thread occurs? It is used to create static as well as dynamic content. The relation between customers and sales have a association relation Aggregation: CGI program terminates after handling the request, whereas servlet remains in the memory and store the complex data between the requests.

Java Interview Questions Ebook Download

By using profiler Rakesh It is not called on each user request. What is a java object and java application? Interpreter Intervlew you explain the usages of Class.

Java interview questions and answers Define reflection. What is the life-cycle of servlets? The variable should be declared as static and final.

Packages provides wide namespace ability and allows to group set of classes into a single unit. Why is the main method declared static? Servlets are more convenient way to use the infrastructure and allow automatic parsing and decoding of HTML form data but it is not the case with CGI. JVM’s are not platform independent. Thin clients are not used for query purposes; execute business rules that are complex or connecting some applications.

Pragma directives allow the compiler to use the machine interview questions and answers on java pdf download operating system features while keeping the overall functionality with the Java language.

Java Interview Questions Answers

It contains the socket related functions. Thread calls an operation that requires the resource which is being used by some other thread in process. Explain the significance snswers ListIterator. This prevents it from being instantiated. Main method doesn’t return anything hence declared void.

Constructors and normal methods. It is a servlet container that includes tools to configure and manage the server to run the applications.

What is dirty checking in Hibernate? What is the purpose of HttpClient? Reclaiming the unused memory by the invalid objects. Download Explain how to force the garbage collection in Java.

What is the purpose of apache tomcat?

51 Java Interview Questions and Answers

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Good questions and answers. A Thread locks an object which is being associated with another thread. A thread is in the blocked state due to the call of a sleep method. Servlets are Java classes that are used to store codes and create applications to be used by JSP for execution. If all the methods of a inner class is static then it is a nested class.