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Dental assistant study guide pdf download of the above. These would be duties such as making impressions for crowns or dentures and processing x-rays. Total exam time is limited to four hours. What type of infection is this? Panoramic film is not a major component of a panoramic x-ray unit. Sensors are more sensitive with digital radiography than traditional x-ray films, allowing the exposure time to be less, reducing radiation.

They work under supervision pdc the dentists assistqnt run the practice.

The x-ray beams are more powerful. The dental assistant study guide pdf download is a multiple choice exam offered via computer and is available year round. Which of the following is not a main component of a panoramic x-ray unit? Choose “Test Mode” to see answers after your test is scored. Panoramic films allow the entire dentition to be viewed on a single, large film.

Which teeth are sometimes called the “eye” teeth? Are sealed and waterproofed. There is stuvy radiation needed with a panoramic x-ray.

Dental Assistant And Dental Technicians Study Guide

Which of the following diseases can be spread through contaminated water supplies? Maxillary right second premolar. Sensors are more sensitive. Incorrect answer, please choose another answer.

Assistaht can also be used in the laboratory.

These could be break periods such as waiting for fillings and crowns to set, giving the patient a breather during a root canal, or waiting for anesthesia to take effect. Oral candidasis is dowjload yeast infection of the mouth, sometimes called “thrush.

Free DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Practice Exam

Mandibular right central incisor. Legionnaire’s Disease can be spread through aerosols as well as aspirating contaminated water. Using the Universal System of tooth designation, what tooth is 12?

What condition could have caused this infection? Dental assistants may further their education to dental assistant study guide pdf download into other medical fields or even become a dentist. A dwonload dentition consists of how many premolars?

What step helps prevent a large radiolucent area near the palate as seen on panoramic x-rays? During a dental procedure, they give the dentist assistance by arranging and handing instruments, operating suction xssistant, removing sutures, and applying cavity prevention treatments.

Their administrative duties include maintaining patient records and scheduling appointments. What type of device does digital radiography use to dental assistant study guide pdf download images taken of the patient’s teeth?

Their duties can be classified as follows: What is a microorganism called that is capable of causing diseases? Maxillary left second premolar is 25 when using the ISO system of tooth recording.

Dental assistant study guide pdf download relations Administrative Procedure Assistance Lab work The dental assistant is usually the first person seen by a visiting patient.

It is a fast growing field and will always be open to opportunities, especially as the population ages and requires more bridge, denture, and crown work. Sexually transmitted is not a mode of disease transmission. Electronic sensors are used in lieu of standard x-ray films when recording images of a patient’s wtudy. Dental assisting certification is for those who have met their state dental assisting educational requirements and passed an exam.

Hep B immunization is an effective vaccine that healthcare workers should be given to prevent the risk of occupational exposure. Maxillary right first premolar.

Exam Blueprints

Placing the patient’s midsagittal plane perpendicular to the dental assistant study guide pdf download. In some dental practices such as those that do cosmetic work, dentists go from chair to chair doing complex procedures in tight mouth spaces. Mesial is the closest proximal tooth surface toward the midline of the body. It uses lower wave-length radiation. Mandibular left central incisor. Intraoral sensors are waterproofed by the manufacturer, but because they cannot be sterilized, they must have a disposable barrier placed on them prior to use with each patient.

The main components are the tubehead, head positioner and exposure controls. Furthermore, dental assistants advise dental assistant study guide pdf download on cavity prevention and post-treatment care.

Having the patient place their tongue in the roof of their mouth during a panoramic x-ray prevents a large radiolucent area in the palate on the processed x-ray. None of the above. Using the International Standards Organization system of tooth recording, which tooth is 25?