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The first half runs a gamut of lesser known Marvel characters and throwaway villains none of whom are particularly interesting, with the possible exception of Slayback. Your changes are now live. Jun 22, KayeC Jones rated it really liked it Recommends it for: An enjoyable story and nice to see Deadpool grow from the villain he is in the first book deadpool classic volume 1 pdf download become more of an albeit rather selfish anti hero.

Quotes from Deadpool Classic, I still have a special fondness for him.

And I actually liked the art, for the most part. Aug 06, Mike rated it it was ok.

They hire him to destroy a device in an Antarctic lab which would irradiate most of the Southern Hemisphere if damaged. Boring as hell to daedpool.

Probably it’s included here because nobody would buy this book otherwise. Jul 24, Herman Gigglethorpe rated it liked it Shelves: Overall a bit of a mixed bag. Joe Madureira This was more the Deadpool I’ve came to know and love, but the storyline was a bit disorientating. It’s a disjointed affair, especially the first New Mutants entry, which actually ends on a “to be continued” note, and since the follow up iss This collection represents the first appearances of Deadpool: Many asterisks point out deadpool classic volume 1 pdf download This is an odd comic to review.

He has left, in his will, the greatest weapon ever made. Add my name to the Liefeld haters, though I refuse be venomous about it. For these two reasons, all the world’s top mercs are hunting him, aiming to claim either or both rewards. A little cartoony, yes, but in a way that suits Deadpool. This book heralded the sea change Liefled would bring to this corner deadpool classic volume 1 pdf download Marvel’s mutant line of books.

And it is a pretty good introduction. Deadpool is and always will be a wierd and funny character a mix of good and bad: They have heard that he is ruthless, heartless, irritating and self centred person.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Deadpool Classic 1 isn’t actually all that classic. Here by itself, it’s disjointed. The fact that Deadpool has become Liefeld’s signature character and only his appearance is included in this trade is a bit hard to comprehend for this reader.

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1 by Fabian Nicieza

The early stuff turned me off downlod although much of it, I’m sure, is art-relatedbut the older was intriguing enough where I might go after another volume eventually. I say he evolved, because in his initial appearance he was just a thug with a couple of quips. Mar 14, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: If there’s a bland stretch of ground between meh and FAIL, this comic deadpool classic volume 1 pdf download the landlord.

Apr 14, Dan rated it did not like it. The Circle Chase Writer: I know he only did a portion of voulme deadpool classic volume 1 pdf download, but he leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It was a little better though as there was actually a dynamic between Deadpool and Siryn.

Deadpool Classic (Volume) – Comic Vine

And then we come to Deadpool 1. If one hasn’t read a lot of X-Men comics and I haven’tyou’ll be confused as to who exactly these musclebound mutants are.

Refresh and try again. Excited to read more of Joe Kelly’s work. Once you’ve earned over points you’ll be able to bypass this step and make live edits to our system.

Deadpool (1997) #1

All in all, great artwork except that last issue and some cool guest appearances. The Ones With Deadpool The ending was good and I’m interested in reading more in the deadpool classic volume 1 pdf download Classic volume.

It’s really hard to get into if you know nothing about the character, so I’m putting it aside pef now looking for another starting point. Entertaining and all except for the shitty 90s Liefeld and friends art.

List of Deadpool titles

This is a nice little story, showcasing how far Deadpool has come since his first appearance in New Mutants and the direction in which the character will continue to develop. Not clever, not action-packed, not darkly comic Including his first appearance in New Mutants deadpool classic volume 1 pdf downloadtwo miniseries, and the first issue of the his ongoing series, this is a non-exhaustive but perfectly satisfactory introduction to Deadpool.

For this reason it was sometimes hard to work out some of the characters motivations for reacting to one another as they do. To ask other readers questions about Deadpool Classic, Vol.