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Bequeath is normally regularized in -ed. Strong, class 6often regularized past participle laden is common adjectivally. Most English irregular verbs are native, irreguoar from verbs that existed in Old English.

List of English irregular verbs – Wikipedia

Weak with coalescence of dentals. The verbs sow and swell are now usually regular in the past tense, but retain the strong-type past participles sown and swollen. If there are irregular present tense forms see belowthese are given in parentheses after the infinitive. Strong, class 7 english irregular verb list pdf download regular. Weakwith participle shown perhaps by analogy with sown from ejglish.

List of English irregular verbs

This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat For information on the conjugation of regular verbs in English, as well as other points concerning verb usage, see English verbs. Some other irregular verbs derive from Germanic weak verbs english irregular verb list pdf download, forming past tenses and participles with a -d or -t ending or from originally strong verbs that have switched to the weak pattern.

Other verbs retain participles in -n for certain adjectival uses, such as drunken and sunken. Verbs english irregular verb list pdf download retain a strong-type inflection in modern English and add -[e]n in the past participle include bearbeatbegetbiteblowbreakchoosecleavedrawdriveeatfallflyforbidforgetforsakefreezegivegrowknowlierideriseseeshakeshearslaysmitespeakstealstridestrivesweartaketearthrowtreadwakeweaveand write.

Strong, class 3with regularized forms. Regular when used for hitting a fly ball in baseball.

Those that do not add -[e]n in the usual past participle include becomebeginbindburstclingcomedrinkfightfindflingget but with past participle gotten in American Englishgrindhangholdlet dkwnload, ringrunseekenglish irregular verb list pdf downloadshineshitshootshrinksingsinksitslideslingslinkslitspinspringstandstingstinkstrikeswimswingwinwind and wring. The verb krregular has a contracted third person present indicative form: Strong, class 4 or regular.

Many of the prefixed forms can also take -ed. Now regularized, but molten survives in adjectival uses. Weak with coalescence of dentals or regular ; related to knot. French loanwordweakwith coalescence of dentals or regular.

See English modal verbsand shall and will. This is the case with the example of catch given above; others include wear and stringwhich were originally weak verbsbut came to be conjugated like the similar-sounding english irregular verb list pdf download verbs bear and swing.

As a general rule, prefixed verbs are conjugated identically to the corresponding basic verbs; for example, we have understand—understood—understood and become—became—becomefollowing the patterns of stand—stood—stood and come—came—come.

The form sunken appears in some adjectival uses. As mentioned above, apart from its other irregularities, the verb do has the third person present indicative does pronounced with a short vowel: Retrieved from ” https: Largely archaic; smitten is quite commonly used adjectivally.

For verbs generally, see English verbs. Weakalternative form snuck pff American by analogy with strong verbs. Weak with devoiced ending or regular. Third person present has also a result of contraction. Defective ; irreegular from be with predicate adjective, used as infinitive, imperative and subjunctive only. The verb english irregular verb list pdf download has the same spelling in all three forms, but not the same pronunciation, as it lrregular vowel shortening. More information on the development of some of the listed verbs can be found at List of irregular verbs.

Past participle remains in use adjectivally. Originally weakfell into a strong pattern by analogy with bear. Weak with devoiced ending, but usually english irregular verb list pdf download pent is sometimes used when the verb irregukar the meaning “to enclose”, and mainly adjectivally.

This verb group was inherited from the parent Proto-Germanic languageand before that from the Proto-Indo-European language. The form stricken is limited to certain adjectival and specialist uses. There are a few exceptions: It omits many rare, english irregular verb list pdf download, and archaic forms, as well as most verbs formed by adding prefixes to basic verbs unbendunderstandmistakeetc. Weakregular with alternative archaic spelling.

In most cases, the english irregular verb list pdf download concerns the past tense also called preterite liist the past participle. It also omits past participle forms that remain in use only adjectivally cladsoddenetc.

Past participle from Old English gedon. Northern and Scottish dialect word. For each verb listed, the citation form the bare infinitive is given first, with a link to the relevant Wiktionary entry.

In particular, many such verbs derive from Germanic strong verbswhich make irrdgular of their inflected forms through vowel gradationas can be observed in Modern English patterns such as iregular. For example, bore and found may be past tenses of bear and findbut may also represent independent regular verbs of different meaning.

Weak with vowel shortening or regular ; shodden by analogy with strong verbs. Strong, class 5 or regularized.

The list that follows shows the base, or infinitive form, the past tense and the past participle of the verb. Strong, class 7with regularized past tense sowed.