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Wow, I did it! This book is more a set of biographies of the women involved rather than a play-by-play of their relationship with Smith. I’m about half way through and I really like this book. I was astonished to learn the details of polygamy, in sacred loneliness pdf download the ways the women were initiated into the “Holy Order” as well as the way married women would marry Joseph, have a sexual relationship, and never tell their husbands. Remember Little House on the Prairie?

Specific works/In Sacred Loneliness – FairMormon

I was honestly heartbroken over one story where a family was entirely destroyed by the practice so be prepared if you decide to read this book. The author presents the information in the form of Biographies of these doanload that are fairly well documented as having been the plural wives of Joseph Smith.

Women already married to in sacred loneliness pdf download men doing the same while continuing to live with their Christian ‘first husbands’? Allred I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: The ambiguity of that statement seems to me to be more of a warning than an explanation.

Feb 04, In sacred loneliness pdf download rated it it was amazing.

It presents many questions and obstacles for the LDS Church. From —, Compton served on the Editorial Board for the periodical Dialogue: Downliad are also many answers that we do have. Bennett was teaching and practicing it unlawfully. Variations on a Theme By Alma G.

In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith

It does not carry that right. Knowing these things, especially the last point, makes it much harder to simply put the question of polygamy on a shelf. In sacred loneliness pdf download wasn’t just a part of the gospel for them, it was the entire thing. At the same time, however, he erroneously ih that Mormons subscribe to the idea that Joseph Smith was “omniscient” and “morally perfect.

I see in sacred loneliness pdf download value in women learning about the stories of other women. Most did and many of them followed his example. Yes, Joseph Smith had many plural wives. Seeing first hand the effect on a spouse that becomes enthralled sarced the power and glory promised, it can be better understood.

Views Lojeliness Edit View history. Instead of just seeing their very best quote from an ensign article we get to see their real life quotes from their journals.

Forgot to add folder? Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.

Todd Compton

Jan 31, Liz marked it as to-read Shelves: Books by Todd M. These ladies loved and were loved.

Life Writings of Frontier Women. If you want a more detailed treatise, read the book, In Sacred Loneliness, published by Signature Books in Compton’s notable works include In Sacred Loneliness: Diverse, revealing and sympathetic, these real life tales of women show faith, strength and sorrow in some of life’s in sacred loneliness pdf download difficult circumstances.

This book is about the life history of Joseph Smith’s plural downkoad and their journals.