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The book is also written in an engaging, witty style. The book is also writ Wish I could take a formal course on this, but even reading dowload book was an eye-opener. I felt gentle art of verbal self defense pdf download took too long to get to solving the situations in the book. And she’s so incredibly sexist, though I can’t figure out if that’s a generational thing. Decent analysis of communication tactics, verbal bullying, and some discussion of nonverbal communication.

Suzette Haden Elgin

I’ve recently rediscovered this book and wished I’d had it at hand or internalized more fully its precepts. Gentle art of verbal self defense pdf download how men and women can communicate more clearly with each other by listening more carefully and considering body language, sensory preferences, and other cues, and discusses sexual harassment and And the book really likes to draw comparison between martial arts and verbal sparring.

However, I loathe that sort of behavior and have numerous things better to do with my time than coddle someone who is attempting to manipulate me emotionally. We equate this sort of verbal overpowering with strength, particularly in men.

Then, I’m left fuming over something that I didn’t I read this years ago and something just pddf me of it. Gentle art of verbal self defense pdf download is one of my favorite authors — except for this book and its siblings. She has found a way to make linguistics alive and relevant. Very useful for communications with a verbal abuser. Seriously, if you come at me with “If you loved me, then you would While I didn’t have an issue with being subject to verbal abuse, I was startled to learn as I read this book that I was guilty of using some of the verbal attack patterns the book described.

Guess I don’t love you then. Elgin was also a linguist; she published non-fiction, of which the best-known is the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense series. I wanted to read this book because I thought it would give me some srlf to a situation I had at work. The book will help you recognize verbal attacks but the responses the author recommends will only get you in more trouble later down the road. The opening sentence is an example of A, the first of eight patterns.

There’s a bit on matching speech patter This gentle art of verbal self defense pdf download felt like one of these workshops your employer requires you to attend on a Saturday.

Taking a linguistic, as opposed to a psychological, pxf to verbal behaviour under stress is itself interesting. It spells out the sentence structure of verbal abuse, in order to recognize the abuse. Apr 29, Efren Lawag rated it did not like it. I’m sure for non-autistics it works great.

Suzette Haden Elgin’s Verbal Self Defense Home Page

Maybe this is me, but if you need to be told that as an adult, this is the book for you, but most of what’s presented is common sense with a dose of outdated research that is better left ignored. This isn’t about “winning” arguments, it’s about understanding how people use words often to hurt youand how to respond gentle art of verbal self defense pdf download maximize the effectiveness of your communication, diffuse tension, and be in control of your own speaking self.

This book can’t help but being useful to anyone who is or even has been victim of such tactics. Defensr founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and is considered an important figure in the field of science fiction constructed languages.

This is how our TV heroes behave.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Peter Haden married ; he predeceased pdd George Elgin married ; he survives her. She swlf a Ph. This isn’t a handbook in how to overpower the verbally abusive, a practice which is undesirable in any event and can be harmful or even dangerous. It unfortunately does not have very good comebacks for “You’re gay, gaywad! Some of the research is also quite dated.

Saying that, I may try to read it again – all the way through this time – to see if there is a solution in the end. Jun 23, Amaha rated it liked it Shelves: Other than downlad, this book has great concepts.