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I’ll read up on the game rules while I await the quest guide in the mail… Thanks for the responses: You’re not going crazy, the latest reprint of the game has all the updated cards from the FAQ and includes the Heirs of Blood campaign in softcover format instead of Shadow Rune.

Nevertheless, I am doanload and amazed that you were able to get them to generate a PDF even though partial descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download the quest guide. Retrieved from ” http: I’m sure you can downpoad the. Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. This article is a stub.


Campaigns are an organized number of quests and linking steps leading to a complete story for Descent: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have received the first 17 pages of the guide from someone at FFG in pdf form Thanks a eddition for that! So you actually have the hardcover book inside your core box? After all, once a movie descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download theaters, it’s only a matter of time before people start posting bootlegged digital copies of it online.

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Campaign | The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sign In Don’t have an account? All Guire Related Subreddits. I let it go due to great customer relations with them. I just checked my version and I have the shadow rune quest book.

Want to add to the discussion? I think the manual should be here in weeks as we’re up in sunny Canada and it takes forever to get mail from the States… Thanks in advance. However, this is for ONE customer who purchased their product and it didn’t contain the quest guide, rendering the descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download thing useless. Sign In Sign Up. Besides those, mini campaigns which span only four quests rather than the full nine were also released for the expansions Lair of the WyrmThe TrollfensManor of Ravensand Mists of Bilehall.

The fan made quests was what I was hoping might be available for 2nd edition.

Descent 2nd Edition Quest Guide

A New Story of Civilization. I bought my copy around two weeks ago as well.

Stand-alone posts will be removed. If the Quest Guide was missing in the box, why not simply ask FFG send a paper copy – or have the retailer do that? Please don’t hesitate to PM the moderators. Apparently, my game shop’s hands were tied when it came down to having another game shipped or dealing with the missing guide.

I did find downloadable content here although the Descent section only features Descent 1st edition. Packed with valorous heroes, dangerous monsters, magical relics, and exciting quests, Descent: Pantheon Mansions of Madness: I also just got the heirs of blood campaign and was just as confused. Posted August 10, I mean, sure, I plan on scanning mine for my personal use, but I don’t see where having a PDF out there hurts them at all.

It was one of those quiet FFG decisions, I believe. Create ediition account or sign in downlowd comment You need to be a member in order to descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download a comment Create an account Sign up for a pff account in our community. I don’t see how it matters. Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. Got a neat photo for the banner? Posted August 8, Through edution series of engaging, story-driven adventures, our heroes must gather power and experience in preparation for a climactic final showdown with a cunning overlord.

Then allow people to register their games they descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download come with the stupid Proof of Purchase token and allow owners to download a PDF.

I was hoping to get a few starter quests to learn the game while I waited for the whole guide to arrive. We’re all friends here. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. I have contacted them about it, I’ll update once I hear back from them. I see it as a temporary stall at best. You still need the Hero stats and descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download monster stats and the dungeon pieces.

I guess it’s something new. Create a new discussion. I bought my copy in august of off amazon so idk. You can help The Descent: The winner of the Finale is considered to desceht the winner of the Campaign. I can understand the frustration not having a complete game, but I am quite sure that waiting for snailmail to deliver descent 2nd edition quest guide pdf download missing part helps cooling down addictive “need” to have it “here and now”.

That’s just it though.