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As part of the snapshot effort, all of the data to be included in the snapshot is collected at a primary point. A procedure is also stored in a database. What are the primitive operations common to all record management systems?

Operational systems are used to run the business in real time on a daily basis and contain current data. What is denormalization and why would someone consider doing so? A Join dependency downlowd generalization of Multivalued dependency. Disadvantage in File Processing System? Stored procedures are database objects that perform a user defined operation. What is the smallest value of. A fat client is a PC that is responsible where pddf processing occurs on the client rather than the server.

Mat lab are dbms lab viva questions and answers pdf download.

Dbms Viva Questions

It is sometime called as Discriminator. These utilities are Export and Import. In order to use ODBC, a driver, server name, database name, user id, and password are required.

What is Multivalued dependency? The ROWID consists of ddbms following three components, the combination of which uniquely identifies the physical storage location of the row. Mech Viva Questions and Answers. Data manipulation commands are used to insert, modify, update, and query data in the database. DBMS interview questions and answers are below Questions: Answers all the questions of Section A. Questione questions in the viva- dbms lab viva questions and answers pdf download should be simple, direct and related to the.

It is the program module, which tests for the satisfaction of integrity constraint and checks the authority of user to access data. Memory usage dbms lab viva questions and answers pdf download learning how the DBMS uses main memory and then using that knowledge to enable better performance. These Oracle blocks are the smallest unit of storage. Discuss some of the techniques that can be used to tune operational performance.


LAB VIVA Questions and Answers Pdf Download for Engineering Students

What is a Phantom Deadlock? What is File Manager? What are some disadvantages of a standard language such as SQL?

A stored procedure can have a set of compound SQL statements. It is based on Visual Basic but is simpler.

Dbms viva questions and answers for lab

A data type should be selected so that all possible values are represented using minimal storage space. What do you mean by flat file database? What is extension and intension? This site does not host pdf, DOC files all document are the property of their respective owners.

Ans wer all questions. April, This assignment has ten questions. This information is stored in a collection of relations maintained by fiva system called metadata.

Columns from the subquery cannot be referenced anywhere else in the parent query. All books are downnload property of their respective owners. Provide an overview of XML. Choosing primary dbms lab viva questions and answers pdf download secondary keys can increase the speed of row selection, joining, and row ordering.

Errors cause the program to raise an exception with a transfer of control to the exception-handler block. It is supported by both Internet Explorer and Netscape. What is E-R model? Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

Data administration is responsible for the overall management of data resources.

Outer joins are not easily used with more than two tables.