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Are you preparing to attend an Oracle interview soon? The Control File in the Oracle database is considered as the most important of the files.

The components of Logical Storage arxhitecture Oracle database system consist of set of logical objects — Tablespaces — A tablespace is considered as group of datafiles, where units of data storage called segments are stored. Vineet Oct 12th, 1. A BLOB data type is a binary string with a varying length which is used in storing two gigabytes memory. File headers and obviously the copies of those headers in the control file also contains a fuzzy bit to indicate if the file is open, read only or closed offline.

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The blocks below the HWM level is used blocks RAW data type is used in storing values in binary data format. It actually consists of copies of the headers of all the files of the Oracle database.

The high water mark level is just a line separate the used blocks and free blocks. What are the components of Logical Storage in Oracle database system? May 20 Each cluster has a data segment. Jul 12 Sep 05 An alert is a window which appears in the center of the screen and overlays a portion of the current play. B-tree Index has high cardinality values, where as Bitmap Index has low Cardinality values.

What is the name of the back ground process that modifies the db buffer cache? The related columns of the tables in a cluster is called the Cluster Key.

Oracle Architecture Interview Questions

They help in quick search of the data in the tables. The storage architecture is that part of Oracle which holds the data — either system generated or user generated. I have read, and agree to abide by the GeekInterview Talk Forums rules. Its main areas of specialization downnload developing and marketing database software and technology, enterprise software products and cloud engineered systems.

The operators are Union, Union All, intersect and Down,oad. Logical and Physical are only the two different points of views to look at this storage. Once created a data file can’t change size.

SET operators are used with two or more queries. It writes modifies the data in data base buffer cache. All of the ijterview data is stored in the extents of its data segment.

They are also called as Archived Redo Log Files. Here are a few questions and answers you may find interesting. Hash Cluster is a technique used for storing the table to make it faster to retrieve.

Important Oracle Interview Questions with Answers

Can a database name can be same across multiple instances, and can the instances number be same? After every commit the transaction. They are usually replicated preferably on different drives. While technically it is possible to run an Oracle database with a single copy of Control File, it is recommended that you must have the Control File multiplexed preferably questtions different physical hard drives.

How it is used for instance recovery? Mar 18 Oracle Architecture Interview Questions Yes. There are two significant advantages of this — A table may grow to huge size as it may span all the datafiles of the tablespace in which it exists.

It is used as a place holder or represented as a default entry indicating that no actual data is present. They are suitable for such tables which are frequently accessed through join queries.

It looks like you roacle using an AD Blocker! Logical storage is the one as Oracle System perceives this storage i. The schema belongs to a user.