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It can be used to store information on the server for future use.

41 PHP Interview Questions and Answers

Set up the web servers. Type casting is a way to assign the variable according to your need and requirement and not allowing PHP to assign it automatically. What are escaping characters? Output buffers are stackable and hence sending to output is by choice.

It looks for starting and ending braces to end the execution.

What are the steps involved to run PHP? Explain how to submit form without a submit button. Example is as follows: It allows the string output to be formatted. Posted by Babita Rawata.

PEAR is a code repository containing all kinds of php code snippets and libraries. If seconds is set to zero, no time limit is imposed. By default, these errors are displayed to the user.

For an interview for PHP freshers, interviewer will try to grasp his basic knowledge than a wide knowledge. After seeing his endless thinking, I started to answer. How error handling is being handled by PHP?

Download 138 Basic PHP Programming Interview Questions PDF Guide.

PHP executes the instructions on the server itself. Explode splits a string into array by string. Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers.

This comment interviee been removed by intervieq blog administrator. PHP is rapidly gaining the popularity and many companies are switching their current language for this language. So obviously he should be the real person behind you job. PHP is used to create dynamic pages and provides faster execution of the instructions.

PHP is basically a general purpose language, which is used to write scripts.

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These messages are not of very high priority but quite essential to show that there is something wrong with the script. The difference lies with the execution of diwnload languages. But POST method will answwr the passing data. Current Exam Updates Loading How the web server interprets PHP and interacts with the client?

Scripts are normal computer files that consist of instructions written in PHP language. How to strip whitespace or other characters from the beginning and end of a string? There are other servers like IIS Internet information server provided by Microsoft can ddownload used to set up the web environment.

Impossible condition is a string message which is displayed when an error is encountered. Writing a PHP exam or attending the interview can be a bit tricky. The feature that enables you to execute the statements repeatedly is called as loop.

The extensions which are used are. PHP uses the trigger to print the error in a program. It can have multiple parameters as well. Waterfall Model Software Development Testing.

To create a reusable code functions are used.

PHP Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF Free Download

What is the name of the scripting engine that powers PHP? The syntax is as follows: How can we increase the execution time of a php script? It provides structured library to the PHP users and also ingerview provision for package maintenance.

This way you make sure you don’t include the file more times and you will not get the “function re-declared” error. They allow you to write your code for execution and representation, that you want to display and execute.

What does a special set of tags do in PHP? The statement above gets included at the top of the script.