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The following are the factors affecting the speed of the microprocessor.

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Pls do send all the computer hardware question answer information to my emil address. But output devices are used to get the result back from the computer. Pentium The top Pentium processor is the Downloadd 4 Prescott. SCSI is Small Computer System Interfaceis a type of interface used for computer components such as hard maintenane, optical drives, scanners and tape drives. What are the different types of Form Factors of Power Supply?

TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions pdf

A Practical Guide is a reader-friendly guide to repairing computers running either Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me,or XP through easy-to-understand language, detailed diagrams, and video tutorials. A hard disk drive HDD; also hard drive or hard disk. Can you upgrade motherboard? Intel Core i7 series uses x58 chip set and Core i7 series and Core i5 processors runs on P55 chipset. System is not showing floppy disk drive icon in Mycomputer.

Molex is a four pin power connector found in SMPS.

Unlike memory chips, SIMMs are measured in bytes rather than bits. VRAM is dual ported.

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Video adapter or video system uses VRAM. In integrated motherboard all of the external ports will be present.

A CPU fan should be placed in system. Power supply fan is not working and it emits a lot of sound. Minicomputer is a midsized multiprocessing and multi user computer. The number of processor support, RAM slots ,Expansion card slots etc…are more. EPP is for non-printer peripherals. Motherboard is the basic integrated board of the computer on which all other components are connected. Over clocking is the process of forcing a computer component to run at a higher clock rate.

Hyper-threaded processors have a duplicate set of registers, small spaces of high-speed memory storage used to hold the data that is currently needed to execute a thread.

In addition, thorough explanations downlload selecting re-placement and expansion components without paying top dollar are providedhelping users get the most out of their newly repaired PC. How many tracts and sectors found in a normal floppy dick? A metal bridge that closes an electrical circuit. What is Berg mini Molex. The data can be read.

It supports a maximum of how many bits of computing? Bandwidth Clock Speed Number of transistors inside the processor It is not needed for a home purpose.

Draw the hierarchical classification of the computer. We also have to make sure that the motherboard has the internal logic to support the processor. What is the difference between integrated and non-integrated motherboard?